We are Team E.S.M. : Every Spartan Matters
Our Challenge

The challenge that we chose was “I challenge you to work within your school, neighborhood, and city to build a creative model to address crime. The model should be restorative and fair for all people regardless of race.” We had to create an entire solution to combat this problem in our school. Our solution is to start with the teachers. We are going to have our teachers go through “Working with students from different countries and cultures” SHMOOP course, which is an online classroom management training. This will show the teachers how to deal with children who aren’t as easy to deal with because of cultural barriers. There is a change to the “passroom’s” name, and it will become the TJ TUTORING CENTER. Kids who have been sent to the room numerous times are required to complete a restorative justice course through SHMOOP, so they can see how their behavior is more than just the surface.